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Using RIDE we have developed a couple of tour guide robots that participated in several events. The tour guide robot application participated in the “Xunventude Galicia Net” for the 2007 and 2008 editions with different robots. In the 2007 edition, a Peoplebot base worked for three days in the “Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones de Galicia”, Santiago de Compostela (Spain).

In the 2008 edition, a B21 base with a robotic head was used. Even though two different platforms have been used, most of the modules for the 2007 edition were also used in 2008. The main changes in the basic modules were that the base control module was changed and the head control was added. In the Task definition level, a few Petri nets were created to include the new primitives. For example, the robotic head moves the mouth, while the speech module was reproducing a text. Finally, a few configuration project parameters, such as the places to visit and the texts to say, were changed.

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