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RoboGraph & Jipc

This package includes a static version of RoboGraph. With this program is posible to create, edit and execute Petri nets that control the evolution of diferent modules connected to Jipc. Jipc is a publish-subscribe model based centralized communication system. This package also includes a set of examples that show the way Petri nets can be used, and a few software modules to interact with this Petri Nets.

RoboGraph package: ride_ep_0.5.tar.bz2


To get this package working properly, the next steps must be followed:

  1. Uncompress ride_ep_0.5.tar.bz2 into a directory (USERDIR)
  2. Create the environment variable $RIDEPATH (export RIDEPATH=$USERDIR/ride)
  3. Add to your current bin path $RIDEPATH/bin
  4. Add to your CLASSPATH the directory $RIDEPATH/class

More documentation inside the package, into ride/doc directory.


This package need a Java Development Kit JDK 6. You can download it from Oracle.